Peach Kugel

This Passover peach kugel is my mom’s specialty. I remember the first year she made it, everyone raved about it and has demanded it since. It is sweet and delicious, and its large peach slices make it a colorful alternative to the more ubiquitous (but equally as delicious) potato kugel. Until making the peach kugel myself, I always thought it had noodles in it. Nope- all matzah! The matzah is softened and combined with many eggs, so when it bakes, … Continue reading

Cherry and White Peach Crisp

Crisps are a wonderful dessert. The nutty, crunchy toppings are definitely my favorite part, and they’re perfect sprinkled over summer-ripe fruit. This cherry and white peach crisp is a great way to make any excess fruit you have taste even more delectable. Serve the crisp hot with a scoop of ice cream, and you have summer perfection on a plate. To make this crisp, preheat your oven to 375ºF. Cut up your fruit into half inch pieces. I used sweet, … Continue reading

Peach Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I tend to make pancakes when I am home alone for extended periods of time. I love experimenting with different add-ins. I’ve had success with bananas, chocolate chips, blueberries, and even pumpkin. I love peach pancakes, and there are plenty of beautiful, ripe peaches around these days that need to be used up. So when David went out of town last weekend, I had myself some pancakes. For dinner. And breakfast. And another dinner. They are good, but the repetition … Continue reading