Simply Simmered Apple Butter

Apple butter always seemed like such a mystery. I wondered how it was made and what ingredients it required, but I never suspected that the answer would be so simple. A quick Internet search told me that apple butter is nothing more than reduced applesauce. I tested that theory, and the Internet turned out to be right! Unlike the apple butter I saw being made at the orchard, an outdoor chimney, gigantic pot, and industrial stirrer were not required. Applesauce, … Continue reading

Presto Pesto!

Without pesto, I might never have started a love affair with my food processor. You see, my first food processor was very tiny. I think my aunt and uncle got it for free from a casino(?). It was cute, but it was just too small to make pesto. I had to make it in batches, and I could never figure out how to divide the ingredients. So I got a bigger food processor, and now I’m in love and use … Continue reading

Spinach Pesto

I am a big pesto lover. I’ve been trying to make it all summer, but I’ve been having really bad luck with basil. First, I bought a basil plant, but I noticed that it had bugs in it so I had to get rid of it. Then, I kept buying packages of cut basil, but they kept expiring before I could use them. I just bought another (hopefully bug-free) basil plant, so we will see how that goes. But in … Continue reading