Crazy Stella

Stella can be a real loon sometimes. I found her sleeping upside-down on the sofa the other day. All four of her little feet were in the air, and her head was splayed to one side. She lounges in this position frequently (she is not a lady), but I don’t usually see her doing it while she is asleep. I was tiptoeing around her to take pictures until I got right in front of her and realized that her eyes … Continue reading

Squirrely Stella

Stella’s Halloween costume is all ready for her! She is going to be her squirrely alter-ego, Nutella. This costume is very appropriate because Stella really has a lot in common with squirrels. In particular, Stella and squirrels both have very bushy tails, like to run, and like nuts. Stella’s favorite nuts are almonds, but she also has a thing for acorns. When she finds them on the sidewalk, she picks them up in her mouth and carries them down the … Continue reading

Stella’s Adventures

Stella squeezed in a great day of fun before the temperature dropped this weekend.  The morning grass was covered with dew, and she ran with her nose down like a wheelbarrow so she could lick up water from all of the blades she passed. Her tongue was flapping like crazy. The water flicked up onto her snout, making her look like she had glittery fur. She stopped to scratch herself and bask in the early-fall sunshine. Some dogs stop to … Continue reading