Chana Masala Addiction

I am addicted to chana masala, but not just any chana masala. The tender, spicy chickpeas from one restaurant in particular won my favor. Despite its delicious food, I just can’t bring myself to eat there anymore. First, I found a hair in my chana masala. Blech! Then, I read an article detailing the restaurant’s health code violations. Double blech! I tried the chana masala from one of our other favorite restaurants, but it just did not compare. So, I … Continue reading

Adventures in Tandoori Chicken

This tandoori chicken was a real adventure. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be good so I wouldn’t have to make it again, but of course, it was absolutely delicious. David made so many “yum” sounds, and I ate most of the skin (naughty!). Those are two signs of deliciousness that I can’t deny. I’ll have to amend the cooking technique to be less of a smokey disaster next time. Here is what happened: I took a recipe shortcut that … Continue reading

Murg Makhani -or- Butter Chicken

Our favorite Indian restaurant in DC is Taj of India in Georgetown. Their murg makhani (chicken in a tomato cream sauce) is absolutely to die for. It is rich and smokey, and I can’t get enough of the sauce. David orders it every time we eat there, and he is kind enough to let me spoon some of the sauce over whatever I order. And if I’m really lucky, he will let me wipe his dish clean with some toasty … Continue reading