One Helluva Hummus

I’ve tried making hummus at home a few times, but this version is by far my biggest success. It is incredibly smooth and very mildly accented with garlic. I will tell you the tricks to achieving both of these benefits! And even though you’ll cook dried chickpeas to make this recipe, it is still surprisingly easy and makes a batch large enough for a party or for pushing off on your sister. I would much rather eat this hummus than … Continue reading

Crispy-Skinned Chicken with Harissa Chickpeas and Lemony Kale

I have no idea why I decided to photograph the piece of chicken that has a burnt onion stuck to it. Now that my perplexion is out of the way, let me tell you about this recipe. It is fabulous! The chicken is pan seared and then roasted on top of a delicious concoction of chickpeas and harissa broth. Harissa seems to be the hot (literally) new ingredient- it is a spicy Moroccan pepper sauce or paste that adds a … Continue reading

Chana Masala Addiction

I am addicted to chana masala, but not just any chana masala. The tender, spicy chickpeas from one restaurant in particular won my favor. Despite its delicious food, I just can’t bring myself to eat there anymore. First, I found a hair in my chana masala. Blech! Then, I read an article detailing the restaurant’s health code violations. Double blech! I tried the chana masala from one of our other favorite restaurants, but it just did not compare. So, I … Continue reading