Golden Pot Pies…Adapted for a Weeknight

I love the recipe I use to make golden pot pies with pancetta and veggie stew. But making the pot pie crust, rolling it out, and baking it takes a lot of time. Time I just don’t have during the week when I otherwise want to eat the delicious and hearty stew that the pie crust usually encases. So I ditched the whole pot pie aspect and turned the recipe into a 30 minute weeknight meal. Instead, I made crostini … Continue reading

Lamb Fesenjan: Pomegranate Stew

I have been taking the cooking class of my culinary dreams, and the first few weeks focused exclusively on different kinds of meat. One of the dishes we made on lamb night was this wonderful pomegranate lamb stew, and its flavors were so unique that I had to make it at home. Lamb has a very specific flavor- almost floral to my palate, and honestly, I don’t like it. But I know that this stew is objectively fabulous. The pomegranate … Continue reading

Chana Masala Addiction

I am addicted to chana masala, but not just any chana masala. The tender, spicy chickpeas from one restaurant in particular won my favor. Despite its delicious food, I just can’t bring myself to eat there anymore. First, I found a hair in my chana masala. Blech! Then, I read an article detailing the restaurant’s health code violations. Double blech! I tried the chana masala from one of our other favorite restaurants, but it just did not compare. So, I … Continue reading