Stella Hikes DC

For an urban area, DC has a lot of great hiking and natural areas. There are lots of parks within walking distance, some running throughout a large portion of the city with really beautiful vistas. We took Stella for a weekend walk around Roosevelt Island, an island park in the middle of the Potomac River. The hiking is largely flat, and the trails and paths are generally clear and well-maintained. Whenever we let Stella lead the way, however, her mountain … Continue reading

Natural Intrigue in the BVI

I made some really cool discoveries that I’ve been meaning to tell you about. Apparently, the British Virgin Islands are very hospitable to one variety of populous cactus, even though it rains every single day. These particular cacti were my favorite, jutting off the top of the mountain to catch golden rays of sunset on their spines. But forget the cactus, the real show stopper was this POMEGRANATE BUSH! I could not believe my eyes, really I could not. I … Continue reading

Stella’s Adventures

Stella squeezed in a great day of fun before the temperature dropped this weekend.  The morning grass was covered with dew, and she ran with her nose down like a wheelbarrow so she could lick up water from all of the blades she passed. Her tongue was flapping like crazy. The water flicked up onto her snout, making her look like she had glittery fur. She stopped to scratch herself and bask in the early-fall sunshine. Some dogs stop to … Continue reading