One Helluva Hummus

I’ve tried making hummus at home a few times, but this version is by far my biggest success. It is incredibly smooth and very mildly accented with garlic. I will tell you the tricks to achieving both of these benefits! And even though you’ll cook dried chickpeas to make this recipe, it is still surprisingly easy and makes a batch large enough for a party or for pushing off on your sister. I would much rather eat this hummus than … Continue reading

White Bean Hummus by Hand

Prepare yourself for an overwhelming amount of granite/fake granite in these pictures! I made a big batch of white beans and had trouble using them up. Some went into soup, others went on tacos. I didn’t feel like adding any to pasta, so when my friend mentioned white bean hummus, I was inspired. My friend mixed her white beans with beets, and she said the result was delicious but that its color was off-putting. Given that this was my first … Continue reading

Hummus, Again

Have you made hummus at home yet? I made a batch the other day, and several things have changed since I first made it in the summer. First, I bought a jar of tahini paste, so I didn’t have to grind my own out of sesame seeds and sesame oil. It makes the process a lot easier, and it tastes good too. Next, my apartment now has direct sunlight and I have a better camera, which make for much better … Continue reading