Coconut Rice with Ginger and Chilis

I am obsessed with this coconut rice. I’ve experienced its flavors in restaurants many times and have struggled to recreate them at home. When I learned how to make this rice in my cooking class, I knew it would be a staple in my kitchen from now until eternity. The rice cooks with ease and is delicately flavored with coconut, cinnamon, mustard seeds, ginger, and the delayed-onset heat of a chili. One taste, and you’ll crave this stuff too. To … Continue reading

Bibimbap at Home!

I love bibimbap! I crave bibimbap! And now I can make it at home 🙂 Bibimbap is a Korean rice dish that can be served in a sizzling hot bowl. The bowl contains rice, meat, vegetables, and an egg, and it comes with a side of spicy red sauce. Pour the sauce into the bowl, mix everything together, let the rice crisp up, and that’s bibimbap. Believe it or not, I ate a considerable amount of bibimbap when I lived … Continue reading

One-Pot Chicken and Rice

This one-pot chicken and rice meal is pretty interesting. The cooking process is somewhat similar to making a paella, but the outcomes are totally different. In both, you simmer vegetables, protein, rice, and stock together until everything is cooked. But this chicken meal is distinctly less Spanish and full of more cold-weather comfort. It’s also filled with vitamin-rich vegetables to make you feel really good and healthy. Start off by browning one chicken hindquarter (thigh and leg) per person in … Continue reading