Butternut Squash Pastries

These butternut squash pastries are scrumptious! I really love butternut squash, but I love crispy, flaky pastry even more. I could eat these pastries for a whole meal…and I almost did. They’re also incredibly easy to make. You really can’t go wrong with them! To make these pastries, defrost some frozen puff pastry dough and preheat your oven to 400°F. Also cook a butternut squash (refer to my post on butternut squash risotto for a quick microwave steam method), and … Continue reading

Aromatic Roasted Chicken

This roasted chicken is cooked in coconut milk. At first, it doesn’t sound good at all. But don’t be fooled- it’s delicious! We scarfed it down so quickly! The chicken has a very aromatic, balanced flavor that is both subtle and complex. You will just be able to detect all of the ingredients you add to this chicken, and I know you will like it. To make this chicken, preheat your oven to 375°F with your pot inside the oven. … Continue reading