Crusty Dijon Chicken with Fennel Salad

This thin and crispy chicken reminds me of an amped-up schnitzel: its perfectly golden crust is spiked with mustard, lemon, and oregano. The combination pairs wonderfully with a fennel salad tossed in dijon dressing, but the salad and chicken could each shine individually as well. I zeroed in on this recipe in the Smitten Kitchen cookbook after I was at a complete loss for cooking inspiration after a spate of Thai dishes. This recipe kicked me back into gear. After … Continue reading

Lemony Weeknight Pasta

Whenever we are hungry but there are no clear dinner plans or obvious ingredients to cook, it is easy to turn to pasta. Whatever we have around can go right in, and the result is usually delicious. This pasta was a really great, impromptu creation that I will intentionally whip up again. To make it, bring a well-salted pot of water to boil, and cook a heavy-duty pasta like bow ties according to the package’s instructions. While the water is … Continue reading

Pasta Carbonara with Ham, Lemon, and Leeks

I love pasta carbonara (I love almost anything with eggs), but I was sure that this dish’s egg sauce would gross David out. Surprise, he loved it! I guess lots of ham is a powerful thing. The leeks and lemon also add a very unique flavor that differentiates this dish from your typical carbonara. To make this pasta, start by cooking 3/4 pound of orecchiette or the pasta of your choice al dente. While it cooks, dice 6 or more … Continue reading