Camera Flash

Now that it started getting dark out a little bit earlier, I have had some trouble taking pictures of the things I cook up for this blog. With low natural light, my pictures come out grainy and blurry.  With artificial lamp light, my pictures come out discolored and unappetizing. It’s very frustrating. I knew it was time to start flashing. I took Smitten Kitchen’s recommendation and got the Canon 430 EXII Speedlite. I’m in love!! It adds a healthy dose … Continue reading

How to Open a Pomegranate

Pomegranates are the perfect snack for the times when you’re not really hungry but want something to do. For example, I frequently eat pomegranate seeds while watching the Biggest Loser to combat the strong urge that show inevitably gives me to eat. When I first picked up my pomegranate habit, I experimented with a lot of different ways of cutting into it. It’s not good to cut right through a pomegranate because a lot of the seeds will pop and … Continue reading

Brown Butter Popcorn: So Good I Don’t Feel Bad it’s Unhealthy

You know that I love making popcorn. I’ve made popcorn many, many times and have experimented with many flavors. But I’ve never cooked my popcorn in butter. I have only cooked it in olive oil or vegetable oil or grape seed oil. I’ve never even read about popping the kernels in butter. All of the resources I’ve consulted recommend tossing your popcorn in melted butter after it’s already made. I’ve never done that because it sounds like it would be gross … Continue reading