Golden Pot Pies…Adapted for a Weeknight

I love the recipe I use to make golden pot pies with pancetta and veggie stew. But making the pot pie crust, rolling it out, and baking it takes a lot of time. Time I just don’t have during the week when I otherwise want to eat the delicious and hearty stew that the pie crust usually encases. So I ditched the whole pot pie aspect and turned the recipe into a 30 minute weeknight meal. Instead, I made crostini … Continue reading

Shrimp Scampi

I really enjoy cooking and eating shrimp scampi. It’s a simple kind of meal that I always forget to make, but when I’m really out of ingredients, the pantry and freezer can come to my rescue. This scampi is fast and flavorful, and it’s really simple to adjust to your own tastes. You like more lemon, add it! You like more garlic, throw some in! Here’s how I do it: Add 1/4 cup of olive oil to a large pan … Continue reading

Crispy Roasted Chicken over Potatoes

I bought the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, and let me tell you, I was blown away. The pictures are gorgeous, the recipes are unique, and the writing is both funny and informative. It is everything a cookbook should be. I read it, and then I defrosted trio of chicken quarters without having a plan for them. But once I realized that I had a lemon and some baby potatoes, I opted to adapt the cookbook’s recipe for flat-roasted chicken to suit … Continue reading