Stella Wants to Shop- Dog Friendly Stores

I love when stores allow dogs inside because there are plenty of times when I am out walking Stella and want to run some errands. But I would never tie her up and leave her alone outside. She would definitely get taken- someone even asked me if they could have her once. Uhhhh, NO! Fortunately, there are several stores around that do welcome dogs inside. Generally, however, it is hard to figure out which ones do (other than pet stores)… … Continue reading

Gnawing on Antlers

I’ve mentioned before that Stella puppy is a major chewer. One of her favorite things to chew on is a deer antler! She started off with bones and liked them fine, but antlers are much more satisfying for her. They are softer than bones, so she probably feels more productive when she wears them down. They also seem to smell good to her even though I can’t detect an odor on them (much better than bully sticks, and less disgusting!). … Continue reading

Peanut Butter-Banana Puppy Treats

I love making homemade dog treats for Stella puppy because it’s fun, she really loves them, and I know what ingredients she is eating (not that dog treats are particularly good for her, but at least she isn’t getting any preservatives or food coloring!). I also like making a double batch so there are extras for Stella’s friends. Preheat your oven to 300º F. For one batch of these treats, mash up one banana in a large bowl. Then add … Continue reading