Marble Tea Eggs and Global Supper Club: Chinese New Year

One of my long-standing favorite places to relax in DC is a Chinese tea house in Georgetown that is bright, peaceful, and full of delicious offerings. Their marble tea egg is as beautiful as it is tasty, and it was the perfect thing to serve at this month’s Global Supper Club celebrating the Chinese New Year. Marble tea eggs are made by cracking the shells of hard boiled eggs and letting them soak in a flavorful black tea bath that … Continue reading

I Bet-zle You’ll Like My Spaetzle

I have wanted to make spaetzle for quite some time, and I am glad that I finally did. It was fun! Spaetzle is a German/Austrian egg noodle/dumpling that is twisty and rustic. Once made, there are a lot of ways to eat spaetzle. My favorite is crisped up in a pan, but you can also toss it with butter or oil, or bake it into a cheesy, macaroni-like tangle. It took some experimenting in the kitchen to figure out the best … Continue reading

Tortilla Española and Garlic Aioli

My group of friends recently held a Spanish edition of the Global Supper Club, which gave me an excellent excuse to finally learn how to make a Spanish tortilla. Tortilla Española is essentially a potato frittata, and I absolutely love it. No trip to a tapas restaurant is complete without one (my favorite DC offerings come from Bodega and Estadio). I have investigated making a tortilla in the past, but I was always put off by the vast amount of … Continue reading