Grilled Pizzas (Without a Grill)

I have pizza cravings more frequently than is normal, and I don’t have a good stand-by pizza place that I can call to satisfy my urges. The delivery pizza around here just doesn’t cut it. There are a few eat-in restaurants that I really like and, believe it or not, a mobile wood-oven pizza truck that pops up at local farmers markets that I’m obsessed with. I also really like making pizza at home, and at my cooking class, I … Continue reading

Homemade Chicken and Swiss Chard Ravioli

I am really in love with homemade pasta, but making ravioli is a true labor of love. We have done so much traveling this summer, that I haven’t had the opportunity or the will to spend time in the kitchen. Our first weekend at home, I got the cooking itch and spent five glorious hours preparing these tasty pasta pockets. It is much easier to make ravioli when you’re using leftovers in your filling or a filling that doesn’t require … Continue reading

Homemade Pasta in a Tomato Pancetta Sauce

Homemade pasta is a revelation! This fettuccine has the most delicate tenderness but maintains a hearty chew. It is perfect for soaking up delicious sauces like this beautiful and simple tomato pancetta sauce. I have also tossed batches of homemade fettucine in a mushroom cream sauce and in chicken cacciatore for extra oomph. However you eat it, this pasta is heaven. And if you have the right equipment (i.e., an electric pasta roller), it is surprisingly easy and fun to … Continue reading