Tasty Taro Chips

I am still trying to figure out how to manage my life in Philadelphia, so I sometimes get my groceries delivered from an online service. Frequently, I end up with far too much of something. Right now, it’s rhubarb. But a few weeks ago, it was taro. Whenever I buy those bags of assorted root vegetable chips, I always love the taro chips the most. They’re the white ones with almost purplish-looking squiggles. There are never enough taro chips in … Continue reading

BBQ Sweet Potato Rounds

I’ve been having such a blast with my smoked paprika. Wow… I never thought I’d say such a thing.  But it’s true.  Smoked paprika is awesome. It gives foods like paella, patatas bravas, and murg makhani a very savory BBQ chip flavor. So it only made sense to add it to some sweet potato chips for a colorful, crunchy side dish. To make these rounds, pre-heat your oven to 380ºF. Then, slice your sweet potatoes crosswise into 1/2 centimeter slices. … Continue reading

Beet Chips- Edible Art

I can’t get over how beautiful these beet chips turned out to be. They remind me of Chihuly’s glass ceiling at the Bellagio. An edible work of art. I got four beets in my most recent produce delivery, and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I am not a beet lover, but they are steadily growing on me. With their thin little tails, the beets remind me of the prehistoric deep sea creatures that live in complete darkness … Continue reading