Best Pizza Dough

You know that I make a lot of pizzas, so when I say that I’ve made my most delicious pizza yet, I’m telling you something big. And this most delicious pizza is a humble margarita! But it’s really the dough that makes it so special. For me, the crust is the most essential part of any pizza, and this one is wonderful. It is a beautiful crust: easy to stretch thinly, a nice flavor, and the perfect combination of chewy, … Continue reading

Breakfast Pizza

Few things compare to eating a straight-from-the-oven slice of breakfast pizza. I especially like eating breakfast pizza because it brings back happy memories of the first time I made it on a lazy summer weekend with my good friend.  We spent the day lounging at the pool, drinking vino verde, and stuffing ourselves with eggy, cheesy goodness (fortunately for our bikinis, these were not simultaneous activities). Luckily, I can bring back those memories any time I want because breakfast pizza … Continue reading