Easy and Addictive Kettle Corn

I have had a serious kettle corn craving for weeks now. I tried buying a few different varieties, but none really hit the spot. They were either too sweet, too salty, or just too bland. It was time to take things into my own kitchen. I’ve made caramel corn before, but it can be a little finicky, and other people aren’t always able to get the same results. It was time for a simpler recipe- one that is so easy, … Continue reading

Brown Butter Popcorn: So Good I Don’t Feel Bad it’s Unhealthy

You know that I love making popcorn. I’ve made popcorn many, many times and have experimented with many flavors. But I’ve never cooked my popcorn in butter. I have only cooked it in olive oil or vegetable oil or grape seed oil. I’ve never even read about popping the kernels in butter. All of the resources I’ve consulted recommend tossing your popcorn in melted butter after it’s already made. I’ve never done that because it sounds like it would be gross … Continue reading

These Are a Few of My Faaa-vor-ite Things

As much as I love kitten whiskers (I actually have a collection of them at home, leftover from when I’d find them as a kid) and wrapped packages, there are two other things in my daily life that make me even happier. The first is Trader Joe’s lavender lotion. It makes me happy to look at because its bottle and label are really pretty, but the best part is that it smells like a spa! Ahhhh, instant relaxation. It is … Continue reading