Hanukkah Latkes: The Golden Ratio

I originally posted my latke recipe in 2011, but I’ve continued to tweak it in my own kitchen every year. And now, I have finally achieved what I call The Golden Ratio (potatoes : salt : binders) that produces the best formed and tastiest latkes. A few other tips and techniques make latke production as efficient and reliable as it can be. But if anyone has tricks for eliminating lingering latke smell from a kitchen (or a head of hair), … Continue reading

Crispy Cracked Potatoes

I ate the most wonderful baby potatoes at Graffiato. They were tiny, cracked, crispy, tossed with parmesan cheese and spiked with lemon. They were one of the best things we ordered that night. Once my hunger for them struck again, I knew that I had to recreate them. Although I deduce Graffiato’s potatoes to be deep fried, this version is baked to make the potatoes a little bit easier to cook and a little bit healthier. These potatoes are a … Continue reading

Crispy Chip Baked Potato

In honor of one of my good friends who is finally coming back to DC today, here is a recipe for her favorite food (and mine): potatoes! This potato is the closest you can get to eating chips for dinner and not feel bad about it. I love these potatoes because they are so fun to eat; I peel it apart and eat one layer at a time, enjoying both the creamy inside and crunchy, crispy outside. To make these potatoes, pre-heat … Continue reading