Summery Arugula Salad

This simple summer salad is spectacular! It’s light but filling, and it’s very easy to make. This salad would make a great starter for a summer BBQ, but a larger portion makes a healthy meal in itself. To make it, pile some fresh arugula into a bowl. Top it with shaved asparagus. To shave asparagus, place a spear of asparagus on a cutting board, and run a vegetable peeler over it. Use your vegetable peeler to shave some pieces of … Continue reading

Chicken, Rice, and Beans- Cuban Style!

David is from Miami, and has been deprived of Chicken Kitchen and Pollo Tropical for many years. He loves those places. Me? Not so much. But when his cravings for rice and beans became too much to bear, we discovered the perfect solution. I like it too, especially because it takes ten minutes to cook. A can of cuban-style black beans from Trader Joe’s is the trick to making a very fast and flavorful dinner. It’s a great base for … Continue reading