Summer, Season of Happiness

Despite studying feverishly for the bar exam, this summer has been off to a wonderful start. It has been punctuated by adventurous meals, easy times with friends that cause the hours to slip away unnoticed, and beautiful moments with my little pack. Even though I have hours of memorization and practice to do each day, waking up is easier knowing that I have one of these special activities slotted into my schedule. But if there’s more than one, then I’ll … Continue reading

Nature at My Doorstep

Even though we live in a city, there is a surprising amount of nature around us. Some of it even knocks at our front window. I’ve written here before about a little mouse that was peeking in at me one day, and now I can share the squirrel that mooned me. This squirrel was really taking its life into its own paws by venturing to our window because Stella is frequently on guard at our windowsill. One day, there was … Continue reading

Spring, Glorious Spring

Spring is my favorite season. It never seems to last long enough because it straddles a very fine line between too hot and too cold. For me, spring is a comfortable jeans and t-shirt day. Jackets not required. DC has been lucky enough to have quite a few of those days so far, although several others have already been way too warm. I love seeing the grass and trees and flowers bounce back to life. Yellow daffodils on the hillsides, … Continue reading