Earthly Space Adventure

I’m sure you’re aware that the space shuttle was transported on the back of a 747 to DC this week. You probably weren’t aware of the anticipation we had for weeks leading up to the event. David loves space. Both of us have had dreams of being astronauts. His dreams continue, mine were crushed when the mean mom running the Young Astronauts club at my elementary school told me that my reflexes weren’t fast enough for NASA. Well, screw her, … Continue reading

Hummus, Again

Have you made hummus at home yet? I made a batch the other day, and several things have changed since I first made it in the summer. First, I bought a jar of tahini paste, so I didn’t have to grind my own out of sesame seeds and sesame oil. It makes the process a lot easier, and it tastes good too. Next, my apartment now has direct sunlight and I have a better camera, which make for much better … Continue reading

How Can Stella Stay Cool?

It is far too hot outside! Poor Stella puppy starts panting at the very start of her walks, and there is nothing we can do to help her short of a close shave. Especially because she doesn’t like to get wet! The picture above was taken after the first time she ever swam. She didn’t love it, and she started acting like a lunatic immediately after this picture was taken. She doesn’t even like getting washed in the bathtub. She … Continue reading