Thai Noodle Salad

This crunchy, savory, spicy noodle salad is so refreshing that it is sure to become a summer standby recipe for post-pool lunches and too-hot-to-turn-on-the-oven night dinners. Sautéed shrimp make a main course out of what otherwise could pass as an appetizer or side dish. Knife skills are all it takes to turn out this delightful bowl of Thai-flavored confetti. We scarfed this salad down and felt satisfied and healthy! To make a main-course salad that serves 2-3 people, begin by … Continue reading

Ethiopian Lentils: Misir Watt

Global Supper Club: Ethiopian Edition was scheduled for the day after my move. I was so looking forward to it and bought all of the ingredients I needed to make some spicy red lentils- one of my favorite Ethiopian dishes. Naturally, I forgot that I’d have to completely Stella-proof the new apartment before leaving her alone in there the next day, so attending the supper club was not realistic. Through my unending tears, I still managed to make my planned … Continue reading

Asian-Style Salmon en Papillote

Welcome to Witty in the City’s first ever fish recipe!! As you may know, I have wanted to like salmon for a long time, and my wishes finally came true! My friend and I ordered a salmon dish from my current favorite restaurant of all time, Estadio, and the fish was incredible! The skin was thick and crispy, and the salmon was cooked medium-rare. The bright pink flesh of that salmon was a gateway drug! With no experience cooking fish, … Continue reading