Healthy Melty Chocolate Bars

I had a sleepover with an esteemed member of the Global Supper Club, and she served me the most crave-worthy breakfast-on-the-go. This chocolate bar is a satisfying, salty-sweet snack that starts off cold and then literally melts in your mouth. It’s so tasty, you’d never know that it is jam packed with nutrients. I begged for the recipe, and now I happily keep a stash of these bars in my refrigerator for whenever a hunger pang, or chocolate craving, strikes. … Continue reading

Almond Cluster Cookies

Pull out your shopping lists and preheat your ovens…the healthiest cookie recipe I will EVER post is here, and it’s pretty delicious too. A version of this cookie, served by our Thanksgiving hotel, won me and my sister over. Generous mounds of sweet, densely packed sliced almonds made for relatively guilt-free pool-side snacking, and peeling the almond pieces apart gave us something to do when the clouds rolled in. Those cookies are reimagined here– just a tiny bit fluffier, less … Continue reading

White Bean Hummus by Hand

Prepare yourself for an overwhelming amount of granite/fake granite in these pictures! I made a big batch of white beans and had trouble using them up. Some went into soup, others went on tacos. I didn’t feel like adding any to pasta, so when my friend mentioned white bean hummus, I was inspired. My friend mixed her white beans with beets, and she said the result was delicious but that its color was off-putting. Given that this was my first … Continue reading