Purrrrring and Laughs

I’ve been going to pet a very purrrrry cat while his family is out of town. The cat, George, loves getting LOTS of attention! David came to pet George with me recently because every cat knows that four hands are better than two. George loved it. He purred the whole time. And then David said, “This cat needs to get checked. I think it has a breathing problem!” AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. He cracks me up! … Continue reading

Stella Wants to Shop- Dog Friendly Stores

I love when stores allow dogs inside because there are plenty of times when I am out walking Stella and want to run some errands. But I would never tie her up and leave her alone outside. She would definitely get taken- someone even asked me if they could have her once. Uhhhh, NO! Fortunately, there are several stores around that do welcome dogs inside. Generally, however, it is hard to figure out which ones do (other than pet stores)… … Continue reading

How Can Stella Stay Cool?

It is far too hot outside! Poor Stella puppy starts panting at the very start of her walks, and there is nothing we can do to help her short of a close shave. Especially because she doesn’t like to get wet! The picture above was taken after the first time she ever swam. She didn’t love it, and she started acting like a lunatic immediately after this picture was taken. She doesn’t even like getting washed in the bathtub. She … Continue reading