Pie Crust Cookies

Making pie crust cookies is the best way I know of to put pie crust scraps to use. Here is my favorite pie crust recipe. Once you have your scraps, layer them up into a pile. Use a rolling pin to smoosh down your pile of scraps and roll them out into a sheet. Put the re-rolled pie crust into the fridge to firm up. Keeping the butter in a solid state means that your cookies will be flaky and … Continue reading

Mammy’s Orange and Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread

I am not really sure what differentiates mandel bread from biscotti. This recipe doesn’t contain any dairy ingredients, so maybe mandel breads are biscotti that are more easily incorporated into a Kosher diet? Regardless of what you decide to call these cookies, they will be crisp and tasty. This recipe is from my grandmother, Mammy, and I can remember eating these cookies throughout most of my life. I brought them to a gathering recently, and someone said that they tasted … Continue reading

Slice and Bake Macadamia Nut Butter Cookies

Well, it’s official. I’m obsessed with Hawaii, and seriously, I’m not even done sharing all of my stories with you yet. But it’s time to get back to the food. One of my favorite snacks in Hawaii was macadamia nuts, either roasted and salted or baked into buttery, crispy cookies. Here’s proof of my obsession. You can just make out the lone macadamia nut cookie at the front of my plate, under the hoisin rib but in front of the … Continue reading