Stella’s Snow Day

Does this look like a dog that can run and jump? I think so. She can soar through the air with the greatest of ease. She even puts her pointy ears back to be more aerodynamic. This picture also illustrates a fun photography technique. When shooting subjects that are moving past you quickly, too quickly to freeze them with adequate light exposure, you can capture their speed in two ways. First, you can hold the camera still and capture a … Continue reading

Stella Turns Two!

Happy birthday, Stella! (We think). Stella will be spending her birthday at the toy store, picking out new things to tear into shreds and new treats to gobble. I can’t wait. There are so many reasons why I love this pup. She is the best cuddler. I love waking up with her curled under my arm. She is goofy. She likes to sit human-style. She does this on curbs, the arms of our sofas, and on my chest. She is … Continue reading

A Dog by Many Names

We love Stella so much that we have given her many nicknames. The names flow naturally for her. They come just as easily as the songs I’ve created for her do… but let’s save those for another time. This post has enough material to embarrass us all for a while! Here’s a sampling: Stella girl Pups Stella Luna Lovegood Pupsicle Stella puppy/pup Spa girl (accompanying song) SG Puppy love Puppy friend Hey, That’s a Fox. (We don’t call her this, … Continue reading