Roasted Chicken on a Bed of Winter Vegetables

This was some of the best chicken I’ve ever made. It is basically My Mama’s Roasted Chicken, but I roasted it on top of seasonal, winter vegetables instead of the traditional carrots, onions, and potatoes.  The chicken came out incredibly tender and moist. Both the white and dark meat were cooked perfectly. The only thing I did differently for this batch was to use a kosher chicken, so I’m sticking with those from now on! Get ready to be comforted. … Continue reading

Candied Chickpeas

As soon as I read about these candied chickpeas over at the Pastry Affair, I knew I had to make them. Snacks are right up my alley, especially sweet, toasty, crunchy ones. Sweet chickpeas might sound nutty to you (pun acknowledged but not intended), but they are so addictive. I had heard of toasting chickpeas before, but adding cinnamon and sweetness brings them to another level. Once these chickpeas cool down, they won’t survive for long because you will scarf … Continue reading

Mammy’s Pumpkin Cookies

My grandmother, we call her Mammy, makes the best pumpkin cookies. My mom’s pumpkin cookies taste delicious too, but my cousin has ruled Mammy’s as the winner. I must agree with him. Pumpkin cookies are great in the fall, but I love snacking on them throughout the year. They don’t stick around for long, so I keep making new batches. I also like keeping them in the freezer so they are hard and crunchy with extra-cold chocolate chips. To make … Continue reading