Potato Frittata with Bacon and Feta

What is breakfast without potatoes and eggs? Poached or scrambled, home fries or hash browns? Avoid the tough decisions, and eat your eggs and potatoes in a single breakfast skillet! Throw in some bacon, feta, and scallions, and you instantly have a sophisticated break in your breakfast routine. I’ve made this frittata twice so far- once to test out the recipe for dinner and once for a brunch with my dog park friends. There’s lots to tell about the brunch, … Continue reading

Flavorful and Crunchy Egg Salad (Sans Mayo)

Egg salad is underestimated. It is tasty and pretty, and if deviled eggs can come back in style, then hope is not lost for an egg salad renaissance too. My ideal egg salad has chopped egg (no slices) and lots of crunchy bits. I am also not a huge fan of mayo, so this mustard/yogurt binder is the perfect replacement. I made this batch of egg salad for a celebratory breakfast picnic with David and Stella- a wonderful way to … Continue reading

Ideal Soft-Boiled Eggs

I really love soft-boiled eggs, but they are frequently over-cooked when I order them out. I got some practice making soft-boiled eggs for my ramen, and I became confident that I could execute them perfectly for breakfast. The first step was finding the right egg cups. And in this case, “right” turned on price. I went to Williams and Sonoma, and each of their egg cups cost $15! That’s crazy. Other stores like Bed Bath and Beyond didn’t carry them. … Continue reading