Homemade Pasta in a Tomato Pancetta Sauce

Homemade pasta is a revelation! This fettuccine has the most delicate tenderness but maintains a hearty chew. It is perfect for soaking up delicious sauces like this beautiful and simple tomato pancetta sauce. I have also tossed batches of homemade fettucine in a mushroom cream sauce and in chicken cacciatore for extra oomph. However you eat it, this pasta is heaven. And if you have the right equipment (i.e., an electric pasta roller), it is surprisingly easy and fun to … Continue reading

Golden Pot Pies with Pancetta and Veggie Stew

This take on a pot pie is as delicious as it is beautiful. I want to eat it every single day! And I would too, if it didn’t take so long to make. If you’re game for putting in some effort, you will be handsomely rewarded with a flavorful, comfortable, and impressive meal. The golden, crisp, and slightly tangy crust envelops a thick stew that is heavily studded with pancetta, white beans, and swiss chard. Cozy heaven, get me a … Continue reading