Chicken Parmesan Pizza

If you’re a chicken parmesan lover, then you are going to go wild for this pizza. You’re going to go even crazier once you realize how much easier it is to make than normal chicken parmesan. In my house, David is the chicken parmesan lover, and I’m the grinch who rarely feels like cooking it. But I can throw this pizza together in less than 10 minutes using leftover chicken, and David gets giddy with excitement. I really enjoy eating … Continue reading

Tie Me up into Garlic Knots

Be warned, these garlic knots are addictive, in the best way possible! They are tender, flavorful, and perfectly crisp. The knots are brushed with garlic oil and pressed with minced garlic, but the garlic never overpowers. Dipped into marinara sauce, these knots ascend to the status of a full meal if you’re not careful to resist their charms. To make these garlic knots, get some pizza dough. Either make your own like I did here, using this recipe, or buy … Continue reading

Grilled Pizzas (Without a Grill)

I have pizza cravings more frequently than is normal, and I don’t have a good stand-by pizza place that I can call to satisfy my urges. The delivery pizza around here just doesn’t cut it. There are a few eat-in restaurants that I really like and, believe it or not, a mobile wood-oven pizza truck that pops up at local farmers markets that I’m obsessed with. I also really like making pizza at home, and at my cooking class, I … Continue reading