An Activity Tracker for the Privacy-Conscious

I have really wanted to get one of the new activity trackers that have recently become available. Between Stella walking duties and daily life in a walkable city, I imagined that I walk a relatively significant distance each day. I was curious just how much. Last year, I bought a $5 pedometer, but Stella chewed it up before I got into the hang of using it regularly. The wide array of wearable activity trackers attracted my attention because they are inconspicuous … Continue reading

Re-hydrate Me, Coconut Water!

What do you do when you turn in your last final for your second year of law school and drink one too many beers (and drop one too many hot wings on your pants and your boyfriend’s new shoe)? What do you do when your friends convince you to do yogalates, a class that focuses mostly on abs, for the first time in four years? What do you do when you’re out in the heat with your best puppy for … Continue reading