World’s Best Crab Cakes, Once Removed

UPDATE: On 4/7/18, this recipe was updated for better results. My favorite crab cake in the whole world is was served at Cafe Atlantico in DC (rest in peace). I compare every crab cake I eat to it, and none match up. Except for this one. Cafe Atlantico’s crab cake is was very tiny and served with a refreshing green salad and grapefruit segments. The crab cake is citrusy, mustardy, and incredibly moist with a crispy sear on the outside. I set out to … Continue reading

Deli Style T-BLATs!

What is a T-BLAT, you ask? A turkey bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato sandwich, of course! Best served on crusty bread with a healthy schmear of dijon mustard. There’s nothing here not to love! For us, this is the perfect lazy summer night’s dinner. Especially after I got a serious craving for a BLT after I saw it on a diner’s menu…but this version is definitely better. There’s not much guidance I can give for making this sandwich because it’s … Continue reading