An Unfinished Tale

Remember a while back when I told you how Stella busted out of her crate and killed all of our plants? Well, there is more to that story. And now that we’ve settled our tab on the old apartment, I feel comfortable telling it. So, Stella has separation anxiety. It is much, much better now, but it was really bad when we first got her. She used to drool all over herself when she was in her crate. And one day, … Continue reading

Stella + Hipstamatic = Album Cover Gold

One of my favorite iPhone apps is Hipstamatic- a free program that allows you to take artistic pictures of any subject. The app comes with different films, lenses, and flashes that you can combine to create a really cool image. Stella is my favorite Hipstamatic subject. These point and shoot photos could easily grace an album cover. The app is also great because it’s frequently updated with new accessories you can download for free. Of course, there is a much … Continue reading

How Much Is That Doggie in the Window??

Stella has a new favorite puppy perch. She hangs out on our windowsill for much of the day. She people (and dog) watches, naps, chews on her toys, and entertains pedestrians. I even bought her a little rug to lay on so she can feel more comfortable. Stella is quickly turning into a cat. Recently, I was looking for Stella everywhere but couldn’t find her. Then I noticed her little nosey sticking out from the curtains. Don’t you just want … Continue reading