Stella the Country Dog

Stella would be so happy living in the country, a place where she could run through lush grass to her heart’s content. She would chew sticks in the shade with her snaggletooth. She would watch koi fish in the pond and occasionally paw at them or take a drink. She would leave the cutest little paw prints after running around in the sprinklers, trying to bite at streams of water. She would sniff at the sweet, flowery air from her … Continue reading

Lemony Cream Cheese Cookies

I have a big thing for cream cheese. Although I’m past the days of eating it straight up, I still love anything made with it- cream cheese icing, cheesecake, whatever. So these cream cheese cookies are right up my alley. They taste a lot like lemony cream cheese icing, but in cake form. Yes, cake. You know I like my cookies on the crispy side, but these are good too. In fact, I think they would make excellent mini-muffins. To … Continue reading

Stella Wants to Shop- Dog Friendly Stores

I love when stores allow dogs inside because there are plenty of times when I am out walking Stella and want to run some errands. But I would never tie her up and leave her alone outside. She would definitely get taken- someone even asked me if they could have her once. Uhhhh, NO! Fortunately, there are several stores around that do welcome dogs inside. Generally, however, it is hard to figure out which ones do (other than pet stores)… … Continue reading