Stella (Almost) on Fire

I don’t think I’ve ever told you about the time Stella almost caught on fire, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently. PTSD, much? Last summer, the city started doing some work to change out a traffic light on my corner. It was the kind of traffic light that sat on a kind of pedestal. The workers took the traffic light off of the pedestal and mounted it on a concrete block just a few feet away. But … Continue reading

Toenail Drama

I have a fear of my toenails falling off. Fingernails too, I guess. My toenail fear has been exacerbated by my sister’s missing nail experience. She wore a pair of crappy shoes from Forever 21 on New Year’s Eve, and they seriously bruised both of her big toenails. Both nails turned black and fell off a few weeks later. She kept me sharply apprised of their status by sending me frequent pictures. Black nails, missing nails, toenails strategically placed over … Continue reading

Rachel’s Twice-Baked Potatoes

Today’s post comes courtesy of my good friend, Rachel Wolbers. We both share a love for Paris, calorie consumption, and humor. She also makes the best twice-baked potatoes! I’ve tried making them on my own many times but have constantly failed, so Rachel is here to teach us all how to master her art. This picture sums up my relationship with Rachel: From Rachel: When Pam asked me if I wanted to guest post on her blog, I could not have … Continue reading