Stella’s Snow Boots

Stella absolutely loves playing in the snow, but it takes a toll on her paws. She has really hairy toes, and the snow tends to form ice balls around the hair and get wedged up in her paws. It’s painful for her when she’s out walking, so we have to stop and loosen them out. Once we get home, we have to melt the icicles out of her paws by the front door, or else she walks away and the … Continue reading

Stella’s Snow Day

Does this look like a dog that can run and jump? I think so. She can soar through the air with the greatest of ease. She even puts her pointy ears back to be more aerodynamic. This picture also illustrates a fun photography technique. When shooting subjects that are moving past you quickly, too quickly to freeze them with adequate light exposure, you can capture their speed in two ways. First, you can hold the camera still and capture a … Continue reading

Tips for Taking Candid Portraits

I firmly believe that people are the most compelling photographic subjects. As much as I love taking pictures of flowers and interesting objects, nothing can communicate as much information as a human being. Each of these pictures tells you a whole lot about the person in it. And, at least according to my interpretation of each picture, the messages are pretty darn accurate. I can understand why some people believe photographs steal a part of the soul, because I definitely … Continue reading